5 Business To Start If You Love Cleaning

5 Business To Start If You Love Cleaning

Does dust leave you unable to sit until it is banished? Does clutter give you goosebumps? Is leaving things cleaner than ever giving you instant gratification?

If so, there are quite a few successful businesses that you can start to help earn a full-time income while putting your interests and skills to good use.

What Do I Need To Start a Cleaning Business?

  • A desire to clean and organize
  • Attention to minor details
  • Cleaning products for the type of cleaning you are looking to do
  • Transportation to and from jobs
  • A place to contact clients (phone, email, etc)

What Kind Of Cleaning Businesses Can I Start This Year?

Commercial Cleaning: You are in charge of cleaning small to large businesses. Usually, you are tasked with normal cleaning jobs like cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash, sweeping and mopping floors. Sometimes you also are asked to do deep cleans for extra money.

You will need: Brooms and Mops. Cleaning products like Comet and Mr. Clean. Cloths for dusting and cleaning Bathrooms. A toilet bowl brush.

Window Cleaning: You clean windows for houses and stores. You can also clean the tracks and fly screens for extra cash.

You will need: Window cleaning gear like squeegees, scrubbing pads and window scrapers. a bucket for suds. Dawn dish soap and vinegar for cleaning detergent.

House Cleaning: You clean houses for clients. This could be general cleaning like cleaning bathrooms and kitchens or deep cleaning for people.

You will need: Household cleaning products. Cloths.

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Gutter Cleaning: You grab a ladder and clean out gutters for people. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

You will need: A hose. Gloves. A ladder. Sponges. Cleaning solution.


Construction Cleaning: You clean up after the construction crews leave a site. You clean up things like plaster and gyproc dust.

You will need: A mask. Gloves. Non-slip boots. Cleaning products. Extra products like Goo Gone. Cloths.

How To Start A Cleaning Company:

It isn’t difficult. First off, decide what kind of cleaning you want to do. You can even combine all of the above cleanings and make a bigger business.

Decide On Your Rates. Don’t forget to make a list of extra charges. This might be for oven cleaning, mold cleanup, washing down baseboards, etc.

Make a Catchy Business Name. Something short, sweet and relevant is best!

Make a Website or Social Media: You follow the same steps as you would to make a blog. Add your services and charges to it so people can see what you do. Don’t forget to add a way for them to contact you!

Put Out Advertisement. You can add a business card to boards around town, Facebook classifieds, or more! Put up your business wherever you think that your clientele is lurking!

You can easily start a cleaning business in 2019! It will take a little bit of forethought and a lot of advertising yourself, but you can do it! It may take a while to build up a list of clientele, however, your work will speak for yourself! When people see that you do a great job, they will pass on the word to their friends and family!

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