An Easy Beginners Guide To Teaching Online At Cambly

An Easy Beginners Guide To Teaching Online At Cambly

Hey all!

One question I see over and over is:

Are there any companies that I can work when I want to, not on a fixed schedule?
Are there any companies that operate 24/7?

The good news is, they are harder to find, but there absolutely is! This post is a short intro guide to one that I currently work when I can for, Cambly.

What is Cambly?

Cambly is an online tutoring platform that you can log into 24/7 to tutor. Where you want, when you want. You do not need any experience, so its the perfect place for those who want to become ESL teachers to gain a little experience.

How Cambly works

Cambly is an online platform for people to practice conversational English, as well as other skills like IELTS prep. Essentially, you just log into your tutor account at Cambly (I will make a guide to get hired with them in another blog post) and set yourself as visible. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, you can log in and start taking calls.

Essentially, those who are looking to practice English can click on your profile to call you, and you have the option to answer. It gives you a video feed to converse for anywhere from a few minutes, to hours, depending on what you and the student wants.

You also have the option to work “priority hours” that is, you sign up to work specific full hours, and you are required to answer every call that comes in. The benefit of this, is you are guaranteed at least 15 minutes of pay if calls happen to be slow at that time.

By utilizing either just going visible, or going on priority hours, you can build up a regular base of students that you can tutor as often as they want. Some want structured lessons, and some just want to chat as practice! It is a neat little system that allows you to work as much or as little as you want.


What is the pay like?

The pay at Cambly is on the lower end of the spectrum. The reasons being are, there is no fixed schedule for you, and you aren’t necessarily teaching structured lessons (only if you wish to take them on)
The pay is .17 cents per minute, which equals to be 10.20/hour. They pay via PayPal in USD.

Benefits of working with Cambly?

  • Even though the pay is a little low, you can literally work whenever you get time, and you don’t need to commit to working! I find this awesome to supplement my earnings from other ESL companies.
  • You meet tons of new people. There are people on Cambly that live all around the world, so you learn new things about different countries and customs, and meet interesting people.
  • You can do it anywhere that you have internet. It’s perfect for working abroad!

If working for a company that allows you to work 24/7 without having to commit to a fixed schedule interests you, keep reading to find out how to get hired today!

What is needed to get hired?

  • Obviously, you need an internet connection.
  • Google Chrome
  • A place to teach from (a nice neat background and a place for your computer to be stable, not your lap.
  • A headset with a mic. You want your call quality to be very clear.
  • A PayPal account, cause, ya know, you want to get money in exchange for your work!

How do I get hired with Cambly?

First off, follow the link below:
Apply here to get started 

You need to fill out all of the personal info. It will ask you things like you experience if any, and your Paypal information. This is all normal. Some things you may not be comfortable with, like giving your phone number, so these are optional. Side note, you can put in an alias for a name, just in case your students try and find you. Cambly’s policy is that you do not add students on social media outside of Cambly.

I filled out the application, now what?

That’s it! Easy right? Once you have filled out what is in the application, Cambly will contact you after they have screened your profile. This may take days and may take longer, depending on how many tutors they have or need at the time. Once they get back to you, they will ask for an internet test, and then they will ask you to create a tutor video.

This video allows English learners to get to know you. Speak as you would to a friend, without being too informal. Remember, these people know English as a second language so they may not understand slang language. In my video, I talk about my teaching experience, along with the things that I am interested in and things I love to talk about.

Ready to apply? Here is the link again:


Do you work for Cambly or other companies that operate 24/7? Comment below!

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