How To Make $18-$25/hr as an Online Teacher

How To Make $18-$25/hr as an Online Teacher

Can You Make A Living As An Online Teacher?

If you’re looking for a great little side hustle to make some extra money, teaching may be for you! I began teaching online in 2017 after I suffered an injury and had to go on light duties at my work. I was pretty apprehensive of course since it was a new venture for me. In fact, it was way outside of my comfort zone!

A friend of mine who was living abroad turned me on to the world of online teaching. She walked me through the process of getting certifications, going through the interview stages and beginning to teach my own classes.

What Do Online Teachers Do?

The biggest market by far is teaching children how to speak English. China, in particular, has many companies that cater to this need. They want their children to have the best of prospects as they grow up, and want them to take in as much knowledge as possible.

This means that children from the ages of 4-16, in particular, are trying to learn their ABC’s all the way to writing essays and reading Shakespeare. You can help shape this little, eager minds! It is an exciting job.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Teacher?

You may be an excellent fit for a teaching job if:

  • You have an outgoing personality.
  • You love gesturing.
  • You love a sense of accomplishment.
  • You enjoy children.
  • You can be foolish.
  • You enjoy playing games.
  • You know how to read and write well.
  • You can answer different questions on the spot.
  • You can be humble enough to admit when you don’t know an answer.
  • You enjoy correcting people’s grammar.

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Can You Make A Living As An Online Teacher?

The answer depends on the cost of living where you are, and how much work you are willing to put in! The only downside of teaching in China is that you can only teach after school from 6-9 PM in Bejing. This limits the potential to earn. However, you CAN work in the daytime on Saturday and Sunday in Bejing. You can also look for jobs outside of China that you can work at when those companies are closed, but they generally don’t pay as hi, so you need to work longer hours to make enough.

A great example is Jason from Digino. He teaches and lives in Thailand!


How Do You Become An Online Teacher?

If you think you will make a great teacher, you are in luck. I am in the midst of an online Ebook that explains step by step how to get certified and hired, and also how to be the BEST teacher that you can be! Sign up to claim your copy as soon as it is released!

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Interested in using this extra cash for a budget? Find out which budget is right for you.

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